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Big Vision Club is a business and lifestyle community that has made it own mission to provide an optimal mix of digital business opportunities for its members. 

From the infinite variety of offers in the crypto market and in multilevel marketing, only sustainable and verified projects are included in the BVC offer. These projects are thematically complementary to each other, thus providing an enormously diversified earning and career opportunity. 

At the same time, the community is committed to sustainability and charity and thus offers an opportunity to earn a lot of money while doing something good.
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Crypto & Digital Business

The most promising industry of our time is the blockchain and crypto industry. This world is already fundamentally digital by its own nature. Beyond that, however, there are occasionally other digital projects that offer exceptional opportunities outside of this industry. When mixed with the predominantly crypto related projects at BVC, this makes for an ideal fit. 

We have specialists in cryptocurrencies, blockchain projects, digital marketing and business development. This team of experts constantly reviews and evaluates our current portfolio and explores new opportunities to provide the most promising projects for our community.

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You can find the current selection of our projects here. Basically, we work together with our project partners on a long-term and sustainable basis. Beyond that, however, we constantly put our projects and recommendations to the test and occasionally supplement or change our offer in the interest of our community.

Our charity project
Not everyone is born free. - We would like to change that!

We all need food in order to survive. Only when this need is fulfilled we are capable of striving for further development, success and wealth.

Education is the key and our education depends largely on where we grow up. Success and wealth, on the other hand, come with a responsibility. We are here to help you!

A child in Tanzania doesn't have it easy. Poverty, hunger, diseases, lack of education - a carefree childhood looks different.

In Tanzania, more than 90 percent of all people live below the poverty line, and many families lack even the most basic necessities to provide for their children. A lack of medical and sexual education also ensures that many children are born unwanted and cannot be fed. Many families therefore have no choice but to abandon, give away or even sell one or more of their children in order to be able to provide for the rest of the family. 

Very many children born in the poorest regions of Tanzania have therefore lost their parents at an early age, be it through illness, hunger, a violent crime or because they had to leave the family. These children need help to grow up. Only with the right support do they have a real chance of eventually standing in the middle of life as adults and being able to take care of themselves and their families on their own responsibility. 

The day care center and preschool would like to give these children a future and replace the family they so desperately need to grow up carefree. After all, every child deserves a childhood without hunger and fear.

Daycare center / preschool in Moshi (Tanzania)

Through the initiative of a teacher, a daycare center with preschool was established in one of the poorest neighborhoods of the city of Moshi in Tanzania. Children from sometimes extremely problematic family backgrounds receive food and a preschool education. Please help the daycare to give them a chance they otherwise would not have.

Didi Paschal, a teacher, gave up his job at a well-known school. With his own funds, he rented a house in Moshi Downtown and began teaching there. His current students are five to eight years old and come from the poorest families in the city. They spend their day at the daycare center. Here they receive food, can play, rest. Here they are educated. 

Education is the key to change. And the sooner it starts, the better it can work.

tansania kids
tansania kids

You meet a lot of smart, friendly kids at Didi Paschal's daycare center. There are 20 of them in total. Their family situation is often extremly hard. Some parents have to beg. Some are driven to alcohol by desolation. The children come from a poor district of Moshi in northeastern Tanzania. The country's economy is growing. Nevertheless, it remains one of the poorest countries in the world.

Education is rightly seen by many people in the country as a way out of their misery, but the hurdles are often high. The children of Moshi want to learn. They are motivated, they have dreams. All they need is a chance.

Hands for peace and love for Russia and Ukraine

To support people in need due to the Russia-Ukraine war, Big Vision Club is calling on its members for a donation campaign. As a community, we are standing together now more than ever to support the people who need our help. 

Many of our members originally come from a wide variety of countries, including Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Georgia and Ukraine. The situation is all the more frightening for us now! Today we can all say only one thing: We are against war!

Everyone can contribute to a more peaceful ending of wars worldwide and to people having a life in safety and with perspective for development. Help us to make this possible!

Just scan this QR code with your smartphone now and help with your donation.